(project direction & art direction)

Each year the artistic and audiovisual experience of the festival becomes stronger. This year we played tribute to the religion of our days: music. The sacred symbol is a missing cassette. Without the cassette, there is no party. Appearing in an alien spaceship, our new friends manage to save the party. An intergalactic cassette, a teenage party, and a tribute to David Bowie. With several design awards, this is the most successful advertising campaign in the history of the renowned Colombian festival. The art of the video was all handcrafted, bringing back the nostalgia of the cassette generation.

Project Direction: Lina María Barrios, Juan David Figueroa, Francisco Quinche
Executive Direction:
Pablo Salazar, Sergio Pabón, Santiago Puentes
Script: Max Ledher, Sergio Pabón, Juan Torregrosa
Art Direction: Lina María Barrios, Mónica Gutiérrez, Juan David Figueroa, Francisco Quinche
Video Direction: Juan David Figueroa, Nicolás Caballero, Francisco Quinche
Direction of Photography: Nicolás Caballero
Art Production: Alejandra Arias, Lina María Barrios, Mónica Gutiérrez, Alejandro Martín, Sergio Román, Tatiana Velásquez
Dressing: Lina María Barrios, Maria Lucía Londoño
2D Animation: Juan David Figueroa, Francisco Quinche
Concept Art: Francisco Quinche, Mónica Gutiérrez
Edition, post-production & 3D animation: La Post.
DP Assistant Lorenzo De Zubiría
Sound Design: Juan Andrés Suárez
Production: Daniel Morales
Storyline: Lina María Barrios, Juan David Figueroa, Juan Sebastián Torregrosa, Mónica Gutiérrez,
Max Lehder, Alma Natalia Manrique, Sergio Pabón, Santiago Puentes, Francisco Quinche, Pablo Salazar

Music: Threat of Joy · The Strokes

MERCH ︎︎

Merch Photoshoot Casting: Especie
Models: Mónica Noguera, Paula Pietrini
Styling: Lina María Barrios, Mariana Jurado
Merch Photographer: Nicolás Caballero


A Paramo Presenta & Agencia Milagros Project