(art direction, 360 compositing)

FROM SEA TO RISING SEA is a virtual reality film and mobile app that celebrates the beauty of the natural world and is a tool for engaging in productive discussions about climate change and the oceans. The five-minute experience follows a flock of synchronized swimmers and a marine biologist as they guide a concerned citizen on an underwater adventure. During the experience, viewers learn about the importance of talking about climate change, voting, and also regenerative ocean farming, wind energy, and blue carbon.

By the end, viewers are provided with action items, a space to envision the type of planet they want to live on, and more. 

I was commissioned by the director to develop the graphic universe of the film; including the main animated title, informative motion graphics, additional subtitles, and the final interactive menu. All this was composited in 360 for Oculus Quest and optimized for mobile.

The film was premiered at Pioneer Works Second Sundays event in Brooklyn New York.

Cast: Phoenix Best, Marie-France Arcilla,The Aqualillies
Co-Directors/Writers: Mary John Frank, Sigin Ojulu
Camera: Kate Wurzbacher, Adam Ravetch
Edited by: Alex Gamble, Sam Baumel
Music by: Alex Cap
Impact Producers: Cassia Patel, Tiffany Kieren
Produced by: Madeline Power, Nadia Tahou, Alex Darby,
Executive Producers, Winslow Porter & Nancy Beck
Choreographer: Mary Jeanette Ramsey
Contributing Choreographer: Amberley Shaw
First AD: Alejandro Victorero
Co-Producer & 2nd AD: Irina Slepneva
GFX Team: Juan David Figueroa, Alvaro Rodriguez Badel, Occurrent Arts
Artwork by Kah Yangn

︎ Partners:
Oceanic Global, Zero Hour, NEW INC, SIMA Studios
Advisors:Urban Ocean Lab, Grouphug Solar, Project Inkblo, Overview Collective, Jeff Goodell